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The eCommerce revolution is changing the way consumers shop. We believe marrying AI & AR can close the gap between physical and online stores. Let us help you navigate this new world.




The eCommerce revolution is changing the way consumers shop .
AlgoFace is able to detect the face in your image or video and accurately track facial features accurately– all in real time giving 76 facial points.
Precise detection of facial details (the corners of the eyes, the tip of the nose, the arch of the eyebrows and the forehead boundaries) allows consumers to personalize their augmented reality application oriented for faces. This SDK is available for web-based and mobile application.



Try before you buy.
Algoface virtual-makeup SDK enriching the shopping experience of your customers by allowing them  to try any of your cosmetic products before purchasing it online or in-store but without the mess or stress using cutting Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence techniques.
Using an augmented reality interface, consumers can test different shades of foundation, eye shadow, lipsticks and more products by one click in live video experience to get the feel-and-like of the product on their own face.



Find out who wears it best.
Allow your consumers to sift through full, finished beauty styles and try them on their own faces virtually by one click.
She wants to try out a smoky, on-the-town look or a hairstyle from the red carpet? AlgoFace can provide this experience for your customer.


Face Analyzer SDK

We understand the face.
AlgoFace Face Analyzer SDK scans facial features and provides a detailed classification for 15 different facial traits such as  skin tone, skin value, hair color,  size and shape of the face, eyes, nose, lips, and more.
This deep understanding of human face opens the doors for unlimited applications such as recommending the right makeup style for user face,  recommend corrective makeup advises or find similar faces in your dataset.


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Davar Computer Vision Engineer
Jackie Design Strategist
Naresh Computer Vision Intern
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