Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Reality. The Human Face.

The AI revolution is changing the way consumers interact, shop, and play.

We have developed unique technology that maps, tracks, and analyzes the human face to accurately integrate immersive AR user experiences across platforms.

We are making this technology available via SDK for all web and mobile platforms.

Contact us at for access to demos or to discuss customization of our SDKs for your needs.

Facial Landmark Tracking

AlgoFace Landmark Tracking SDK is able to detect the face in your image or video and accurately and robustly track 76 facial landmark features in real time.

Precise detection of facial details including the corners of the eyes, the tip of the nose, the arch of the eyebrows, and the forehead allows customers to personalize their augmented reality applications oriented for faces.

This SDK is available for web and mobile platforms.

Face Attributes Detection

We understand the human face.

Our Face Analyzer SDK looks at the human face and provides a detailed classification for 20 different facial traits such as skin tone, skin value, hair color, size and shape of the face, eyes, nose, lips, and much more.

We can produce custom versions of Face Analyzer SDK trained on various attributes important to your application.